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The Security Of Your Business Is Our Priority. At Maxxholo Sdn Bhd, We Provide A Full Range Of Eminent Products And Services In The Form Of High-Quality Security Features Such As Hologram Stickers, Security Labels, Specialised Product Packaging And App Developments For Businesses In Malaysia Across A Variety Of Market Segments. 

Our Dedicated Team Is Equipped With Highly Trained Professionals With Many Years Of Experience. We Are The Leading Company In Providing Cutting-Edge Holographic Systems As A Solution To Prevent Counterfeiting And Maintaining Brand Image, As Well As Improving Product Traceability Throughout The Supply Chain.

All Of Our Stickers And Labels Manufactured in Malaysia

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We Do Security Sticker Label Solutions Since 2013
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Key Reasons of Why Using

Benefits of Using Hologram Stickers

Security Solution

Tamper-evident holograms are specifically designed to highlight when attempts are made to remove them, making them ideal for ensuring security of seals on products and asset tagging.

Marketing Strategy

highly visible design of hologram stickers will stand out in a crowded shop. Hologram stickers can be added to any type of packaging including boxes, bags and hang tags.

High Authentication

used for identification purposes on a huge number of different types of documents, including ID cards, season passes, credit cards and many more. Holograms are difficult to replicate which minimises the risk of fraud.

Protect Your Brand

Personalised holograms can be created that are unique to your brand, making it extremely difficult for others to replicate. In addition, special dyes, called tagganted foils, can be added to the hologram which can only be identified with a special reader.

Our Services

Types of Hologram Stickers

Authentic hologram sticker designs are extremely important to businesses because they can prevent counterfeiting, as each holographic label contains unique identification hidden inside the hologram that cannot be copied by scanners, printers or photocopiers. 

Customised Hologram sticker printing in malaysia

Custom Security Hologram Stickers

Our custom security hologram stickers are designed to be anti-tampering, anti-counterfeit stickers with embedded information that is entirely unique to your brand’s identity. Personalising your hologram sticker design enables you to increase the security label, making it extra tough for counterfeiters to replicate.

Custom Security Hologram Stickers

2D & 3D Hologram Stickers

2D or 3D hologram stickers are commonly used in the marketplace. They are made by placing one image behind another with visual depth to lend the effect of a multi-dimensional hologram arrangement. These stickers provide good security benefits against fraudsters.

Custom Security Hologram Stickers

Dot Matrix hologram sticker

This is a more advanced level of hologram printing, as the Dot Matrix process utilises laser beam and computer-controlled engraving that is made up of many little dots.

Top Level Holographic Label

highest level of hologram printing service, equipped with tight security features similar to the banknote level printing. This technique produces clear-cut authentic hologram stickers that are extremely difficult to imitate

Customised Hologram sticker printing in malaysia

Hologram Sticker With QR Code

This hologram printing provides a unique identity to the product, which helps maintain the data electronically through different spacing and width of parallel lines. Useful during the billing process in more prominent retail outlets.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foil stickers feature a thin plastic sheet printed with highly customisable holographic images. These hologram stickers are commonly used for certificates, documents, vouchers, member cards, packaging and labels.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Best Price

You will be surprise for our pricing because we are local manufacturer able to provide BEST PRICE compare to others.

Latest Technology

We have developed a system to helps track the products make sure the products can be easily identified.

Friendly Services

Our team comprise of professional consultant with over 7 years security solutions experience here to provide you BETTER services.

We Have Printed Over 10 Million of Design

hologram stickers, security labels, specialised product packaging and app developments for businesses in Malaysia.

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Maxxholo Sdn Bhd

At Maxxholo, we provide a full range of eminent products and services in the form of high-quality security features such as hologram stickers, security labels, specialised product packaging and app developments for businesses in Malaysia

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