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Marketing With Promotional Stickers

How you can best utilize low-cost promotional sticker and decals to advertise, build identity, support promotion, influence prospects and increase sales.


Are you looking for a promotional marketing medium that breaks through the clutter of today’s competitive marketplace, is hard to ignore or throw away, is viewed by the public as a “product” not an advertisement, and costs just pennies? It may sound too good to be true, but the fact is promotion stickers are working in this capacity for an increasing number of companies looking for creative, cost-effective ways to reach customers and prospects.

A promotion sticker can function in two important capacities:

1. As a fun, promotional product – A giveaway that is attractive to your clients/prospects, resulting in the marketing stickers being applied to a visible location such as their car. The evangelists and influencers (volunteer sales force) this creates then proceed to travel around promoting your company or product to the world through exposure and word of mouth marketing.


2. Promo stickers are also a medium used to deliver information to prospects and customers. There are two sides to every sticker and not utilizing the back side is like paying for advertising space and then leaving it blank or only using half of what’s available

Why Invest in Promotion Stickers

I cannot think of one business that couldn’t in some way benefit from the use of custom promotional stickers.


  • They increase company visibility and build identity.
  • They can be used to effectively communicate information to prospects and customers.
  • They advertise, support promotions, and strengthen other marketing efforts.
  • They help you stand out from the crowd and from the clutter of traditional advertising mediums.
  • They are an exceptional marketing value.
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