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Hologram Sticker Label Printing

Authentic hologram sticker designs are extremely important to businesses because they can prevent counterfeiting, as each holographic label contains unique identification hidden inside the hologram that cannot be copied by scanners, printers or photocopiers.


As a result, counterfeiters usually avoid products guarded with authentic hologram stickers because they cannot be imitated or duplicated.

Tamper Evident Security Label

Holographic tamper evident labels are stickers that separate themselves from surfaces when someone tries to remove the label.


Tamper resistant stickers are particularly useful to detect tampering with objects containing valuables, confidential information or calibration equipment, making it easy to identify if the seal protection has already been removed before it reaches the end-user. Tamper evident packaging tape also helps to indicate any opening or manipulation efforts.

Destructive Label & Warranty Sticker

Destructive labels are customisable anti-counterfeit stickers that can be personalised to include your company’s information or business logo on them.


These hologram destructive stickers are important for businesses because they offer protection against tampering and counterfeiting, which can affect your brand’s revenue and reputation.


Pilferage and tampering are common these days, which explains why brands are resorting to destructive labels for an added layer of security.

Anti Counterfeiting Packaging & Product Authentication

Product counterfeiting is a serious concern among brands because counterfeiters are using advanced technology to replicate expensive products, which affects the company’s brand image and reputation.


A number of large e-commerce brands were sued for not protecting their markets against counterfeits, so the issue with fake products is a big deal.


Cash Voucher Printing

Our vouchers are fully customisable to allow our clients the liberty of choosing what works best for their brand. You are free to decide if you want to print on one side or both sides of the material. You can also select the type of material for your cash voucher. Take your pick from paper, paperboard, art paper, coated paper and many more.


Cash vouchers are available in the form of art paper with security features such as UV invisible ink, barcode, QR code, scratch reactive ink or a hologram sticker

WowChecker (Authenticate System)

Our Wowchecker System enable clients to gain insight through a product’s entire journey to the customer. Each product is registered with a unique QR code, specifically assigned to the product based on its manufacturing date and batch. 

With the QR code, the platform allows the order tracking system to provide visibility into the information regarding manufacturing details, distribution particulars and end user database along the supply chain.

Marketing planning can also be positively impacted through this Wowchecker System as when the label is scanned by the end user, the system automatically records the scanning date and time. This system also makes product authenticity check less costly.

Wow Checker (Authenticate System)
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