Premium Cash Voucher Printing for Secure Transactions

Cash Voucher

Want to attract more customers to your store? Try cash vouchers. The idea of vouchers is always exciting for the customer. There’s nothing shoppers love more than discounts, freebies and vouchers. Many businesses have adopted this brilliant marketing strategy to gain more patrons and retain their existing ones. When you give them a cash voucher, you’re encouraging them to come back and shop, and chances are – they will. As for existing customers, vouchers are a nice way to reward them for their loyalty.


Hotels and malls use gift coupons as a marketing strategy to attract customers. As a brand, it’s better to use customised vouchers that portray information about your company. Apart from that, you would also need to ensure that each coupon contains its own unique serial code that cannot be duplicated. Looking for a company that does cash voucher printing online? We offer anti-counterfeiting cash voucher printing services using quality material that tailors to your brand’s style and preference.

Customisable Cash Vouchers

When choosing the size of your voucher, it should fit nicely into the customer’s wallet. If it’s too small, it may get lost among the other vouchers or cash notes in the wallet, and if it’s too big, it may not fold very well.


Our vouchers are fully customisable to allow our clients the liberty of choosing what works best for their brand. You are free to decide if you want to print on one side or both sides of the material. You can also select the type of material for your cash voucher. Take your pick from paper, paperboard, art paper, coated paper and many more.


Each voucher is then coated with a layer of finishing to enhance its appearance. Feel free to choose between matte and gloss lamination. Finally, our cash voucher printing is incomplete without binding, which is entirely customisable too. You can have your vouchers bound as a book, pad, or as loose sheets to be distributed to your customers. Don’t forget to include the terms and conditions on the voucher to protect your brand.

Anti-Counterfeiting Cash Vouchers

Our company specialises in anti-counterfeiting printing of cash vouchers, namely security thread voucher coupons with serial numbers. This is a popular choice among hotels and malls. Cash vouchers should only be valid for one-time use. The serial number helps identify each voucher to prevent counterfeiting.


At Maxxholo, we provide high-quality security features to help protect your brand against such misconducts. Our team of experts are highly trained in anti-counterfeiting cash voucher printing and are able to help with any questions you may have.


Apart from voucher printing, we are also proficient with hologram stickers and innovation packaging, which are essential measures to prevent tampering and counterfeiting. If you’re interested to explore additional security measures for your products, we are happy to include those with our printing services too.


Ready to print vouchers and elevate your brand’s name in the market? It’s time to engage customers with irresistible offers on your products – starting with your very own customisable cash vouchers!


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