Reliable Warranty Stickers & Destructive Labels for Secure Assurance

Why Invest In Destructive Label Sticker

Destructive labels are customisable anti-counterfeit stickers that can be personalised to include your company’s information or business logo on them. These hologram destructive stickers are important for businesses because they offer protection against tampering and counterfeiting, which can affect your brand’s revenue and reputation. Pilferage and tampering are common these days, which explains why brands are resorting to destructive labels for an added layer of security.


They are commonly printed as warranty void stickers with the text “Warranty void if seal broken or removed or tampered”. These labels cannot be removed or replicated, and they serve the sole purpose of protecting your brand’s goods from being tampered with. In any case of tampering, the ultra destructive vinyl breaks into little fragments to prevent duplicity and pilferage.


As a result of having destructive stickers, you can secure and authenticate your goods, while protecting your brand’s image from counterfeits. Having high-quality destructive labels also smoothens the tracking process at each point in the supply chain.

Custom Destructive Labels

Looking to personalise hologram warranty stickers in Malaysia? At Maxxholo, we offer customised destructive stickers and warranty void labels in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours to suit our client’s style and preference. Equipped with a good security feature, these labels are meant to safeguard your brand against tampering. Most businesses in Malaysia prefer to print their company logo and labels on the warranty stickers.


Our void stickers are made with a very sticky adhesive and brittle paper surface, which are different from usual paper stickers. Crafted with high thermal sensitivity, these stickers can be applied to packaging products using heat. The label adheres tightly and permanently to the item until removal is attempted, then it breaks into little pieces. In other words, it cannot be removed entirely. This prevents the chance of swapping labels and is usually applied on electronic appliances, food items and many more.

Ultra Destructive Labels

Our ultra destructive vinyls are patterned for extreme protection against counterfeiting and are unique in their security feature. In the event of tampering, these highly fragile void stickers will self-destruct into tiny pieces. We designed these warranty stickers with polymer plastic films in such a way to make removal attempts impossible, so they can be very efficient for warranty marking. 


These ultra destructive warranty void labels cannot be duplicated or scanned, and can only be administered to the packaging by applying heat. They provide high security protection against pilferage and product tampering. Similar to destructive stickers, the ultra destructive labels have high thermal sensitivity and can only be applied with heat. Most businesses use them on electronic items, home appliances, laptops, cell phones and a wide array of other applications.


At Maxxholo, our destructive labels are resistant to water and weather conditions, meaning they don’t peel off in cold or hot environments. They also have good resistance to mild acids, oils and general cleaning products, making them a solid choice in securing your products from tampering efforts.

For more information on destructive warranty stickers in Malaysia, contact us here.

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