Warranty Stickers & Destructive Labels for Secure Assurance

Why Invest in Destructive Label Stickers

Protecting your brand against illegal tampering and counterfeiting is paramount in today’s marketplace. Destructive labels and warranty stickers provide a formidable layer of security for your products. These customizable anti-counterfeit solutions, prominently featuring “void if removed” and “warranty void if seal is broken” messages, are essential for any business looking to safeguard its brand’s reputation and revenue.


Designed to deter and reveal tampering, warranty void stickers break into pieces when tampered with, making unauthorized removal and reapplication impossible. This ensures the integrity of your product’s warranty seal, protecting it from pilferage and unauthorized access.

Warranty Stickers & Destructive Labels

Enhancing Product Security with Destructive Stickers

Incorporating destructive stickers into your products’ packaging not only helps in authenticating your goods but also in safeguarding your brand’s image from counterfeits. Using high-quality destructive labels facilitates efficient tracking through the supply chain, guaranteeing that your products are secure from production to delivery.

Custom Destructive Labels

Maxxholo specializes in creating custom warranty stickers that meet your specific security needs. Whether you’re looking for “void warranty if seal broken” labels or warranty seal stickers, our products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Our warranty void stickers are tailored to enhance your brand’s security and visual appeal.


Our warranty void stickers are crafted with a highly adhesive and brittle material, distinct from traditional paper stickers. These “warranty void if seal is broken” labels are perfect for electronic appliances, food items, and more, providing a secure bond that, once broken, leaves undeniable evidence of tampering.

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