Secure Tamper-Evident Labels and Stickers for Ultimate Protection

Why Invest In Tamper Evident Stickers

As a business owner, you should always look into protecting your brand from illegal imitations and commercial damages. These can result in loss of sales and a ruined brand reputation. If you’re looking to safeguard your brand’s image, products and the overall safety of your consumers, you should consider tamper proof labels and security seals.


Tamper evident labels are stickers that separate themselves from surfaces when someone tries to remove the label. When a label removal is attempted, the physical evidence is revealed through a hidden message. This offers extra security and peace-of-mind to users. Some of these tamper resistant stickers come in “void” messages and a variety of customisable shapes and designs.


Tamper resistant stickers are particularly useful to detect tampering with objects containing valuables, confidential information or calibration equipment, making it easy to identify if the seal protection has already been removed before it reaches the end-user. Tamper evident packaging tape also helps to indicate any opening or manipulation efforts.

Tamper Evident Labels & Stickers

Made with reliable and durable polyester stickers, our holographic tamper evident labels create a shiny, rainbow-like effect. Apart from being attractive, these holographic stickers are widely used by many brands around the world as prevention and protection for the business.

They can be split into Three categories:

High Residue Labels

Upon an attempt to remove the labels, tamper evident labels will reveal the security message while leaving residue marks behind.

Low Residue Labels

When removed, the security sticker will self-destruct to indicate that the security seal has been broken. The labels leave a minimal amount of adhesive residue on the surface when removed, which minimizes clean up on reusable containers or surfaces.

Non Residue Labels

These labels reveal the security hidden message or pattern when removal is attempted, but do not leave behind residue on the application surface.
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