Secure Tamper-Evident Labels and Stickers for Ultimate Protection

Why Invest in Tamper-Evident Stickers

In today’s competitive market, protecting your brand from illegal imitations and commercial damage is crucial. Such threats can lead to loss of sales and a tarnished brand reputation. To safeguard your brand’s image, products, and the overall safety of your consumers, tamper-proof labels and security seal stickers are essential.


Tamper-evident labels are designed to leave unmistakable physical evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message if removal is attempted, offering extra security and peace of mind. Available in a variety of customizable shapes and designs, including “void” messages, tamper-resistant stickers are key to detecting unauthorized access to products containing valuables, confidential information, or calibration equipment. They ensure the integrity of your products from the point of manufacture to the end-user. Tamper-evident packaging tape also plays a crucial role in indicating any opening or manipulation efforts.

Tamper Evident Labels & Stickers

Our tamper-evident labels are crafted from durable polyester, creating an attractive holographic, rainbow-like effect. These holographic tamper-evident labels are not just visually appealing but serve as a potent deterrent against tampering and counterfeiting, widely adopted by brands globally for business protection.


Categories of Tamper Evident Labels:

High Residue Labels

Attempting to remove these labels will reveal a security message while leaving significant residue marks behind, indicating tampering.

Low Residue Labels

Perfect for applications where cleanliness is crucial, these labels reveal a hidden security message or pattern upon tampering attempts without leaving any residue on the application surface.

Non Residue Labels

These labels self-destruct to show that the security seal has been broken, leaving minimal adhesive residue, which is ideal for reusable containers or surfaces needing minimal cleanup.

The Importance of Tamper-Evident Security

Implementing tamper-evident seals and labels is more than just a security measure; it’s a commitment to quality and consumer safety. By choosing MaxxHolo’s tamper-proof stickers and labels, you are investing in state-of-the-art protection that preserves the integrity of your products and the trust of your customers. Our tamper stickers, tamper seal stickers, and tamper-resistant stickers are designed to meet the highest standards of security, durability, and visibility, ensuring your products remain secure and your brand protected.

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