Our Expertise: Advanced Security Printing & Holographic Stickers


Authentication is a process where a system is used to verify the originality of any product. It is essential to promote effective security as it enables the user to check the genuineness of the product. Maxxholo provides each client with a unique and secure hologram, which works as a distinctive identity of authenticity. Through a quick, one-step scanning of the hologram, the client will be immediately alerted if a counterfeit product has been purchased. In short, clients can validate the product’s identity and authenticity with ease, just by scanning through the QR code.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace system is a one-of-its-kind technology that helps in tracking and tracing the product throughout the supply chain. The technique provides a unique identification code onto each product after it has been packaged, allowing each individual product to be trackable from production upon reaching the end consumer. Our Track and Trace logistics have been conveniently designed to perform these tasks at the highest level of efficiency. As the products can now be easily identified, this system also helps manufacturers by reducing forgery and tampering.

Marketing Campaign

An integrated and efficacious marketing campaign ensures the successful delivery of the right message to the right audience at the right place. A unified marketing strategy provides numerous benefits by increasing sales and profits, improving brand loyalty among consumers, saving cost and empowering the company’s competitive edge. Maxxholo creates a customised system or database that stores the information of consumers for more effective marketing initiatives. When your company launches a new product, your customers will be kept updated through our advanced database-automated messaging system.


A productive management process is one that successfully tracks all warranties throughout the product life cycle. This is a great way to not only improve customer satisfaction but also to increase product quality and minimise service cost. Third parties are allowed to submit valid claims and receive credits through our automatic warranty claim system, installed based on asset tracking. In addition, the customer service team can track service history and replace warranty parts with ease.

Engage Customer

Every brand thrives on good customer engagement. A healthy engagement between consumers and your company is the key to create customer loyalty towards your brand. That’s why the WowChecker platform offers several hassle-free engagement solutions for our clients to choose from, enabling your team to service consumers quickly and efficiently. An easy-to-customise template is also available should you want to add anything to your account.

Cost Saving

The intuitively designed, self-servicing landing page creator is constructed to be extremely user-friendly and cost-saving, allowing the subscriber to edit the landing page for mobile campaigns ‘on-the-fly’. No third party vendor is required.

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