Innovative Smart Security Packaging for Ultimate Protection

Why Invest In Security Packaging

Enhanced Product Protection: Security packaging provides a strong defense against tampering, theft, and counterfeiting, ensuring products remain in their original condition from manufacturing to the hands of consumers.

Brand Reputation and Consumer Trust: By incorporating security features like holographic seals and unique identifiers, businesses can reinforce their brand integrity and instill confidence in customers, knowing they are purchasing genuine and safe products.

Supply Chain Transparency and Compliance: Investing in security packaging enables companies to track products throughout the supply chain, promoting transparency and compliance with industry regulations, while also reducing the risk of unauthorized access and product fraud.

Innovation Packaging

Product counterfeiting is a serious concern among brands because counterfeiters are using advanced technology to replicate expensive products, which affects the company’s brand image and reputation. A number of large e-commerce brands were sued for not protecting their markets against counterfeits, so the issue with fake products is a big deal.


Therefore, as a brand owner, it’s important to look into effective anti-counterfeiting solutions with high security features. Anti-counterfeiting packaging helps to secure product authentication and protect your goods against pilferage. Unlike cheap packaging, using high-quality security packaging will help your customers differentiate between real and fake products, while also deferring counterfeit attempts. Apart from that, these protective elements also enable easy tracking and traceability.

How Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Technologies Can Help

Loss Prevention

When a product goes missing before it arrives at the store, ultimately the customer has to pay for the cost of the theft. Smaller items such as lipsticks or USB drives should be well-protected with packaging that helps deter potential theft. At Maxxholo, we offer security packaging solutions to suit the various sizes and types of products.

Product Authentication Solution

Brands need to thoroughly examine their product authentication options to ensure that these solutions are fully secure, cost-effective and easy to use. If you’re looking for a company that utilises quality anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies, Maxxholo will not disappoint. Our hologram stickers, barcodes and security tags are easy to use and carefully designed to prevent product tampering or pilferage.

Damage Protection

Apart from guarding your goods against counterfeits and thefts, we also focus on designing reliable innovation packaging that protects your products against damages. Every structural element of our packaging is precisely calculated to reduce damage upon your product. We offer various types of packaging options, with skin packaging being one of the most preferred choices. It creates a tough protective shield around the product to secure its position during shipment. It can also prolong the product’s shelf life.

QR codes

QR codes are 2D codes containing black modules in a square pattern on a white background. They offer security and help store information about the product, which can be retrieved digitally.

Serial numbers & hidden serial numbers

Serial numbers are commonly used for stock record-keeping within the company. It eases the product tracking procedure.

Additional features

We also provide holographic hot-stamping foils. This type of hot-stamping method is perfect for large-scale applications where holograms are unable to be applied manually. Once applied, they cannot be removed. This adds a layer of exclusivity and protection.


For inquiries on our anti-counterfeiting packaging options, contact us here.

Smart Packaging

Revolutionizing the way products are stored and consumed, smart packaging integrates advanced technologies such as sensors, RFID tags, and data connectivity. This innovative solution empowers businesses and consumers with real-time information about product freshness, authenticity, and usage. With enhanced tracking capabilities, interactive features, and environmental monitoring, smart packaging optimizes supply chain efficiency, reduces waste, and elevates the overall consumer experience, shaping the future of packaging and its role in the modern world.

Flexible Packaging

Soft pack packaging typically refers to a type of flexible and non-rigid packaging used for a variety of products Flexible packaging refers to a packaging form that is adaptable and capable of being reshaped. It is typically made from materials such as plastic, paper, or aluminium foil.

Compared to traditional rigid packaging, flexible packaging offers more elasticity and malleability, allowing it to be easily adjusted and modified according to the shape and size of the product.

Flexible packaging is widely used in various industries including food and beverages, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and industrial goods. It provides good protective properties and offers convenience in terms of portability and handling.

It can be easily customized for branding and product information, and it is often more environmentally friendly than rigid packaging materials.

In-Mould Label (IML)

In-Mould labelling (IML) is a new decorative technology for injection moulded plastic products, which is used to decorate the appearance and surface of plastic products. It is different from the traditional direct screen printing, heat shrink labels, and self-adhesive labels, which are brand new label packaging forms.

1. Realize fully automated production, improve efficiency, and reduce costs
2. Improving the barrier performance of containers
3. Exquisite and high-definition printing quality, surpassing traditional printing process effects
4. The label does not fall off, has durable color, is not easily damaged, is waterproof, oil resistant, mould resistant, acid and Alkali resistant, friction resistant, low temperature resistant, and can be soaked
5. Simplify and revisit the process, taking into account environmental protection
6. The IML process improves the toughness of the container while saving the amount of resin used in the container.
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