Expert Hologram Sticker Printing for Enhanced Security & Authenticity

Why Invest In Security Hologram Stickers

Holographic labels are commonly used in businesses for security reasons. The holographic foil produces a rainbow-like effect when it catches the light, a result of a chemical reaction produced by lightwaves used in hologram printing services.


Authentic hologram sticker designs are extremely important to businesses because they can prevent counterfeiting, as each holographic label contains unique identification hidden inside the hologram that cannot be copied by scanners, printers or photocopiers. As a result, counterfeiters usually avoid products guarded with authentic hologram stickers because they cannot be imitated or duplicated.


Therefore, these customised security hologram stickers are recommended for businesses who want to protect their products from fraudsters. Apart from attracting attention on the shelf, products with holographic labels also promote the brand’s mission in providing genuine, reliable products to consumers. If you’re interested in buying hologram stickers, look no further.

Custom Security Hologram Stickers

At Maxxholo, we specialise in hologram sticker printing in Malaysia and providing a high-quality product & service at an affordable price. We use high-quality hologram technology that’s also user-friendly and effective in combating counterfeiting and tampering.


Our custom security hologram stickers are designed to be anti-tampering, anti-counterfeit stickers with embedded information that is entirely unique to your brand’s identity. Personalising your hologram sticker design enables you to increase the security label, making it extra tough for counterfeiters to replicate.

Hologram Label

2D or 3D hologram stickers are commonly used in the marketplace. They are made by placing one image behind another with visual depth to lend the effect of a multi-dimensional hologram arrangement. These stickers provide good security benefits against fraudsters.


Dot Matrix is another popular hologram sticker printing in Malaysia, as well as around the globe. This is a more advanced level of hologram printing service compared to 2D and 3D printing, as the Dot Matrix process utilises laser beam and computer-controlled engraving that is made up of many little dots. Each dot contains a different diffraction grating. The security level for Dot Matrix hologram ticket printing is higher than 2D and 3D printing.

Top Level Holographic Label

This is the highest level of hologram printing service, equipped with tight security features similar to the banknote level printing. This technique produces clear-cut authentic hologram stickers that are extremely difficult to imitate, making their security level the strictest and most effective among the other hologram sticker printing techniques.

Hologram Sticker With QR Code

Hologram stickers with QR code are also widely used among many brands internationally. This type of hologram ticket printing provides a unique identity to the product, which helps maintain the data electronically through different spacing and width of parallel lines.


This is exceptionally useful during the billing process in more prominent retail outlets. The security level for hologram stickers with QR code is similar to 2D and 3D hologram stickers.

Transparent Hologram

This transparent hologram sticker is our new style, which is a generic design and contains the word “Best Quality” on clear material. By using the optimum materials, the sticker itself has better transparency and brightness.


Transparent stickers are an effective combination of high brightness and security. The clear PET material ensures easy reading of product information below the hologram. In order to meet various customers’ requirements, our company can also provide stickers in other colours, such as silver holograms.


Our raw material films used for producing clear hologram stickers, which have better transparency and brightness to present better optical hologram effects. Thus make your products different in the market, it is recommended that you choose our fully custom hologram sticker.

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